US Tourist Visa from Manila

The love of my life got denied a US Tourist Visa. It's his first time. We thought he's going to be late but he came in. His appointment was 1000. He got there 1015. He stayed there for about two hours.

Me: hi good morning, :)
Vo: good morning

Pass my passport

vo: what is the purpose of this travel?

Me: to visit my girlfriend this Christmas holiday

Vo: i see, hmm how long?

Me: 2 weeks tops

Vo: uhuh.. what do you for a living?

Me: my main source of income is being a professional seafarer?

Vo: (looks interested) what is your rank in your vessel?

Me: deck cadet. 

Vo: uhuh what type of vessel? Operation?

Me:  It is a AHT, tug boat, we sail from Indonesia Singapore and Australia, 

Vo: when did you sign off?

Me: sept 2015, after that I reviewed, took my exams and trainings for my license 

Vo: alright, so how much do you earn monthly?

Me: 16833 monthly, but recently I received a job offer in archipelago ferries corporation,  i will be a second officer because im licensed now and they will give me 25k monthly. 

Vo: what type of vessel are they operating?

Me: roro/ fast cat, operating from batangas to southern part of the ph,

Vo: there's no way you can become a second officer,

Me: no, they really offered me
That job, i do have my license here.. ( getting it.. )

Vo: what gross tonnage ?

Me: less than 300 grt,

Vo: but you mentioned roro,

Me: yes they do have a roro and a fast cat..

Here's when i get lost I think

He began typing. 

Then that's it. Im
Sorry blah blah blah. When I saw him get that blue form. The last words i remember na sinabi nya is. All the specific information about the denial is here. Thank you. 

Me. Thanks..

As you can see, he answered straight up and he knows what he's talking about because it's the truth. What we think went wrong is the Visa Officer doubted that he's lying about future promotion as a second officer.
Must've been true that unmarried, young an no children is a hard situation getting a Tourist Visa.
He just called me. I smile and said it's okay. When he hung up, I cried. What did he do wrong? He was prepared and honest. And yet the Visa officer thought he was lying when he has all the proof. Real proof. He even presented his previous travels. He's been to Australia, Qatar, Singapore and Indonesia. And yet the officer doubted him. Stupid. And worst part is, I'm not there with him to comfort him.
He even ask me, what about reapplying? Damn. This man loves me. No one will waste their time and money and put full effort just to see somebody. I do know now I have proof of who I want to marry. 

What to do now? All I've been praying is for him to be approved. I don't even ask for him to be here asap since I understand he needs to work. Only approval. Only the chance of it. Only the light front the door that I know is open anytime. And now that dream has crushed. Now I understand the feeling of those stories I read about being devastated with denial yet they tried the best and was honest the whole time.
He texted me I'm sorry. I said I don't want him to apologize. It's not his fault and now I think it is my fault. I didn't sacrifice enough. I got greedy regarding credit cards and shit. I'm sorry baby. I  feel like I didn't give enough to the universe or abused it that's why We didn't get what we want. Why. Just why. When two people that love each other who are honest is the one being rejected. Haven't we suffered enough being away for this long? Seriously, what can I do except love him. I'm sorry, I feel like this all my fault. Baby, I'm sorry. 

Good Luck to others. Others that are planning and preparing. I wish you don't feel any of what we are feeling right bow.


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