Yeast Infection because of Antibiotics

This will be disgusting for most of you. For men and for some women who are such sensitive on their body? But since I declared than I'll dare to share whatever I can, why the hell not. Plus, not a lot can have balls to share what I've been sharing so let's get this thing going.
Again, I've warned you that it might disgust you.
It started last week around Friday, I'd like to say Thursday but not so sure or it's not that noticeable yet. For days I've been scratching discreetly my down there. By Monday I'm thinking I can make it until Wednesday since I have an appointment with my doctor because of my back (Pilonidal cyst). Tuesday came in, I can't take it anymore. I called to make an appointment at that day and went it earlier because my mom said so. I texted her after I make an appointment for 1350 and she said come in right now at urgent care. I did and read my story here.
So they suggested two creams, my choice which one to choose and I chose Monistat since that's what I've been hearing in commercials. I used the 3 day first then the 1 day. I think I'm good now.
October 25: Checked up, bought Monistat and put it around noon. Felt a bit better for the rest of the day. Just to be sure put one at night before heading to sleep.
October 26: Put one in the morning again just to be sure I'll be fine at work. I noticed it worked after an hour. Like no itch whatsoever. And at the afternoon, I was still scared and bought the 1 day and put it before going to bed.
October 27: Bleeding like I'm on my period. Itch every now and then but not as bad as Tuesday. I think I'm going to stop now since my mom said it will be itchy if I keep putting more since it 'tickles' the infection.
October 28 up to now: All good I believe. Still bleeding a lot but it's not all blood. Like mixed with some of the fluid inside. I will not put a link here regarding yeast infection since I'd rather let you search that yourself for the pictures. All I can tell you is it has white patches on the side and no discharge at first in my case.
Biggest advice: Do not be embarrassed. I'm only 22 and I got it due to my tons of antibiotics. I got to own it and say I have a problem. Deal with it. It's not like my choice or my fault. My only regret is I waited for days (4 to be exact) which will never happen again. Fix the problem, Don't ignore it.


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