3 New Maybelline + Others

Got all from Walmart.
I love Maybelline and since I'm looking for some products I figured why not. I was looking for 230 Light Concealer in Rimmel but they don't have that color in store so I chose Better Skin Concealer since I like the Better Skin Powder.
I also looked at Neutrogena's Shine Control Primer but changed my mind since it's like $11 more bucks while Master Prime from Maybelline is $7.94.
With powder, I was originally going to repurchase the Acne Treatment powder from Neutrogena but they don't have my color 60 Natural Beige. I wasn't a fan of their loose powder so I went back again to Maybelline and picked up this setting powder. The part where I don't have to choose my skin tone is just a bonus since I'm extremely bad at that.
Neutrogena's acne wash is good. I discovered it 2 years ago and liked since it feels like not a lot of products are getting on my skin. I do believe that it helps to prevent acne and such. And also, not a lot of drug store product have the priority of getting your skin better.
I used St. Ives before last year to be exact. I like it. I will use on my back since I have extreme acne. Steroids shots have few effects and the doctor wants to inject more dosage next time. It sucks. I might say no. So I'm going to use this scrub on my back every shower, hopefully it will be better.
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