3 Socks & Victoria Secret Bag

Socks are from Nordstrom. $6 each, $15 for 3. It's all for boots length.
Victoria Secret toiletries bag. Or can be for makeup. I love it since there's an extra space where it's detachable. See through as well so easy to see all your stuff. I can't travel as of this time that much due to my wound open and future minor surgery (removal of capsule of my cyst of many times). But, I'm kind of an OCD and I love organizing so it's still makes me sane to have this for future references. $45.00. A bit pricey but the quality is good. Thick and can handle heavy stuff. I know I will use this for the longest time. The only down is the leopard print (not my style) but I had no choice, no other color since other bags doesn't have the detachable transparent. Thank You Mama!
Ootd while walking around
When my mom is hotter and more fiesty than me, lol.


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