Amex BCE 3X CLI & Sign up Bonus

At 0751 this morning, I got approved 3X from my starting limit. Today's also the 61st day since I applied and approved for the Blue Cash Everyday of American Express. I was planning on doing this on the 63rd day but I figure let's just get it over with. My statement came a few days ago and it was zero. I put $40,000 as income just like when I applied two months ago. In the span of less than 60 days (waited for the card to arrive), I spent $1111.54 all in all. At my first statement I got a balance of $500 plus. I had total of five payments all in Mondays. I figured and read that being consistent might help and it did I guess. I was a little scared due to that stupid Synchrony Bank hitting a hard pull on my credit recently.
Starting Limit $6,000.
Increase of $12,000.
Total limit $18,000.
Sign up Bonus was $150. I got it back exactly a month after the approval. And it says Ticketmaster on the site since that's the reason I reached the $500 minimum in order to get that bonus. Not bad! True to their word - depending on what site / browser you applied. So read it well and canvas. In two months, I paid $961.54 because of this sign up bonus of $150.


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