DS-160 Confusion (US Visa)

So a few months ago, I did a dramatic post of how my boyfriend got denied for a Tourist US Visa from Philippines. The day after if denial, he decided to try and apply. Stupid me, I didn't even try to stop him. So there goes another $160.
That same day of visa refusal, he messaged his professor regarding help of some job opportunity. It's been a year since his last embarkment and he needs a job. Fast forward, he's now waiting for a line up. And the vessel he is assigned to needs a Seafarers' US Visa. Back to his 2nd application for the Tourist, he couldn't get an earlier appointment. That was in October 4th and the appointment we got was December 2nd. Crazy right. That long.
Problem: he can't apply for the Seafarers, Visa because of upcoming appointment and there can't be multiple appointments if we understand correctly. So I changed his appointment to an earlier one (believe it's like magic that there's an earlier one) so it was November 28th. He arrived hours earlier as he learned the last time that traffic is hell. We already know it's going to be denied again. What we both want is to get it over with so he can apply for the Seafarers' Visa.
He called me surprisingly minutes only after his departure for interview that he wasn't admitted because the Confirmation number in DS-160 is not correct. The day before, he already told me that's it's not the same and when I checked it, it's not yet when we try to do it again, same results. And now we are hanging around hoping that his No Show will be considered Cancelled and his company can apply him for the Seafarers' Visa.

Bottom line: Be careful filling up the website. I included photos above and where to look for putting the CORRECT Confirmation number. Both my boyfriend (for the December 2nd) and me (Changed to November 28th) made the mistake. What sucks is even if you saw the mistake before then interview, you can't change it anymore. So please learn from our experience and READ and out the correct number when applying/changing appointments.


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