Free Shop Runner from Amex

Got the email maybe yesterday or the other day and seemed legit. Opened it and it is! I never heard of Shop Runner before and now I have because of the offer. If I read the site correctly, it's 30 day free trial then $2.99 a month. It's basically shipping within 2 days at the brands they are partner of. I'm not an online shopper but why not it's free. You'll never know when it comes handy. Thank You Amex, I love you more and more. - Shop Runner
They will send you an email regarding password and of course I suggest you change it as soon as you can.
Update regarding CLI, well not the credit limit but the cash advance part. It wasn't changed. Still $300 from my starting date. I went to chat with Raizel online and she told me in variations that I didn't request for an increase when I did my credit limit. I keep remembering and I know I'm not that blind if there is ever an option to check regarding the cash advance, I would've done it. But since I told myself this would be the last for now regarding requesting increases (I only thought Credit Limit Increase) let me add cash advance since I really don't need those for now. She did gave me a number to talk about it 800-227-4669 and press (0) for representative. I was a bit tempted but No, I'm good. So again, let's help each other get the most and control!


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