Greediness is stupidity

This is about me being greedy of ten F'ing dollars. Yes, $10.00 ladies and gentlemen. I've wasted my time because of ten freaking dollars and I'm mad at myself. So yesterday I ordered at Amazon and all is good. I'm just waiting for it to be shipped. Since it was yesterday, the original earliest deliver is one week from yesterday. But because of freaking greediness of mine, I changed that by one day and wasted my time as well as the girl who tried to helped me today. Thanks Rochelle but clearly you were out of luck as me. Of course I do understand her reasoning of seller was not the same. But with her 'explaining' it's practically just stalling in my opinion which in the end I fixed the whole thing myself, cancelled and reordered both things (again still my fault for thinking I can get $10). I still got to give Amazon the thumbs up for having an agent answer me not even a minute of waiting.
No, I did not purchase Go Pro. It's the wrist housing for the camera itself and similar to it. It was $26.99 when I purchased it and $16.41 this morning. Yet when I tried to buy it in the cheaper price, it was SOLD OUT. So I saved nothing and wasted my time plus kind of delayed the delivery of my package. Sjcam5000x here.
Look at the YESTERDAY and TODAY. Damn that was one day delay. Time is gold. Lol.
I still love my Htc Re Camera, but if iI'm going to have adventures by myself without anyone else with me to take some photos and videos when I'm busy using both of my hands, this will come in handy. It's just on my wrist doing its purpose. And when my hands are either free, then I can record again using my Htc Re. Plus, both of them combined I have more footage for the whole thing of whatever I'm doing.
That's was 12-15 minutes of my life for nothing. My fault.

Same thing is happening again right now November 24 during the day. I got the Sjcam for $133 and it's showing a cheaper rate of $127.95. This is ridiculous Amazon. But, I'll stop myself wondering if I can save that money or I'll jeopardize the delivery date again.

At night, I cancelled the whole thing completely. Maybe next time another camera :)


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