Halloween 2016 - Flash

We partied October 29, Saturday. Double purpose of Halloween costume and One of our coworker is leaving the work place. A little goodbye celebration for her. Ever since I met her last year, she was looking for something else and here she starts her new journey. Good Luck!
Heroes at Riverside, Pizza was okay. I did not finish it because of my huge beer and fun atmosphere especially on Halloween. Hopefully the bathroom was a bit bigger since on weekends it's lot of people. Parking is hard so plan for that.
The Menagerie - easy to go to, really packed since there's no entrance fee. Like to the music. Only one bathroom so not good when you're buzzed since you're going to be waiting for so long.

I was the Flash. Did not wear my mask since I know my head will hurt form it/ got a big head.
I got my costume in Party City, retail $50 before taxes. They didn't have any Small or Extra small in Men size so I got 12-14 year old Boys. I know that they don't have it for women and even if they do, it'll be sexy-ish and I don't want that.
I took three shots of a tequila that kind of tatstes like Listerine, and one big Corona plus sips of drinks from my friends. At 11pm, I stopped drinking and threw up many times :)


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