Kohls Charge CLI (Credit Card)

Out of nowhere I tried and surprisingly approved! From $600 to $1000 (Increase of $400). Approved on March 12, 2016, so more than 7 months. I don't use it often, to be exact only THREE times including my last purchase since approval. Most expensive was less than $130. - Kohl's.
I don't remember seeing the Request Credit Line Increase before and I think it appeared because I used it recently. I bought my dad a gift for Christmas. I know too early right.
Way better than Victoria Secret since I got that card more than a year and never got an auto and was declined once. I even reached Angel Forever Status (most exclusive). And I purchase more often over there.
Here's what it looks like when you're going to request a CLI (looks like SP since no statement regarding credit bureau):

Good Luck! I will start gardening after my Amex request for a whole year and really sacrifice (not even going to request SP Cli). Thanks Kohl's!


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