Nine West Blue Heels + Mcdo's Good Deals

Mom got it Nine West online for get this... $12.00. Yes twelve freaking dollars. That's what you call a sale. Thanks to my mom's talent in finding great deals. But fortunately it does not fit me. I said fortunately since I already have enough heels and I don't wear them often. And I recently got the Celine Teal Heels which is like 100X of the price so I feel so bad of having another which I did not ask ever. I feel bad though for saying No to my mom's purchase but it's too lose for my size and again, it's going to be one of those shoes where I wear like once in my life. I told her to give it to somebody else as a gift :)
Since my parents and I love fries from mcdonald's (or whatever restaurant it may be) I usually go to Mcdonalds because of their good deal of Pick 2 for $5. Believe me, this is a great deal. Most of the food included in their choices are almost $4-5 itself. And to add more greatness, I did their survey from the receipt and got a Big Mac. I paid $8.09 including tax and I have large Fries, big Mac, 10 nuggets and Fillet o Fish. Thank you for your business! So do the surveys to save :)


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