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Thank You! And belated Happy Thanksgiving so I'll take this day to say Thank You to my jobs. First one, I got my first bonus! We have this every quarter for all designers and it varies due to our total production. To not go into detail, I'm happy since it's my first time and not expecting it for almost $200. Morongo Casino Resort and Spa.
Next one, they gave us $30 for a Walmart  Gift card and they do this every year. I remember it last year as well. And this year, I will have bonus in December for Christmas! I don't care how much since it's still bonus and the reason I didn't get last year because I wasn't hire 2 weeks of the date specified. Not only that, our meal is free everyday when working since September. It was $3 before.
Also with this second one, I got two treatments free in our Spa. 1 hour massage for father and 1 hour body treatment for mother. I love the feeling of treating my parents.

I got my dad a beanie, mom has two new flats. And of course as an employee, I got 30% off so Thank You!


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