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The other day, November 2nd, I requested a Limit Increase on my Sunglass Hut Credit Card. It's been a year and I just figured why not. I called the number and finished the machine saying it's been granted my request. An increase of $400. Since it was thru telephone, I thought it will be a soft pull plus there was NO WARNING whatsoever before I complete the machine. Yesterday, I got an email on my Protect My Id account by Experian saying there's been a credit inquiry. When I checked it's the Synchrony Bank. I was mad.
So pretty much the whole time I spoke to 4 people was about almost an hour. First is Debbie in Protect my  Id for a minute then was transferred to Experian with Steven for the longest time and getting rude at me since I was trying to explain my previous experience of dispute. He makes me feel like I don't understand him and keep saying, "Again ma'am, blah blah blah." Which I'm trying to explain myself and he's like I don't know the previous situation but he's our policy.

He then told me to ask the Synchrony Bank to send a removal letter for my dispute. I told him many times that when I disputed few months ago, I did not have to do anything and he keeps saying it probably because it's over two years or something about the law. Anyhow, That's a frustrating conversation all in all.
I called the number he gave me and talked to Steve who told me he can't help me since it's the Sunglass Hut that can remove/explain more. After a minute I was transferred to Sunglass Hut and got Joe. He put me on hold multiple times and tried to tell me I should Call Experian, which I explained I just did and said that they need a removal letter from Sunglass Hut. I even said I don't want that increase anymore if there's going to be a pull on my credit. $400 is not worth it.
Oh and also, Sunglass Hut robot telephone machine is ANNOYING.

Then he asked many times someone while I'm on hold on what to do next and my argument is this:
The machine/telephone did not say any warning or disclosure prior to requesting the increase.
When I told Joe that, he asked again someone and gave me a good news that he sent the removal letter. Right now, it's in Joe's hands if he really sent out that letter to Experian. He said it's going to take 60 days and it is based on approval. my question is who's approval, they are the one who put the inquiry and requesting it to be removed. I just hope it will be deleted or I might close the account itself because of this.
If I heard any type of warning on the telephone, I would let it go since there's a disclosure. but there's NOTHING. So I have the right to fight for this. Don't let this "banks/credit bureau" fool you and ruin your credit. Let's stand together!


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