Tommy H Backpack + Mac Lippies

Got the bag at Desert Hills Premium Outlets. Retail price $84.50 got it for 25 bucks. It's 70% off. I wasn't planning on getting it but the save was so big. Problem with girls' mind right?

I got the bag because when I wear it, it doesn't reach my wound on my lower back. I love back packs but since 2014, I can't wear it often due to my surgery/wound. Last time I got a backpack was this year from my man that we got in Singapore.
Plus, this bag can fit a lot! You think it's limiting but I can put a packed lunch, papers and IPad 4. It has an outside and inside pocket and one zipped inside. Great deal.
And now with the Lippies from Mac. Mom and I got each and shared the colors we don't want and give it to each other. Originally she's the only want who wants a new good Lippy and I got dragged. Since we were there I asked her if I can some too. Good thing that they have this small packages as gifts. Low price but the products are in small sizes as well.
Mom got the Nude Lipstick and I got the Nude Lip Gloss, each $35 plus tax. I took a picture of my favorite of each and myself wearing the Nude Lipstick. I'm not really a fan of gloss but when I tried that color it's almost like my natural lip color and it's not heavy and a bit shiny which is odd for me since I like matte. But ever since I've been wearing my Mehr Matte from Mac it's drying my lips so I figured it's time for me to experiment in something else. So far so cute!


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