Trip Advisor Failed Me

I've been posting in Trip Advisor for a while now. Same thing I post on yelp. At first, I already know Yelp has more business that you can review and easier to use. Trip advisor from my first impression is more professional. But then time past and now, Trip advisor tipped me off. There are TEN reviews I did and it wasn't posted. At first I understand, this is the process of this site. You review and it's pending for a while then will be posted if you meet criterias and shit. I took my time to post all this and was ignored. Not even a reason. Then I waited and emailed. Response, we don't care. In variation :)
Starting today, I won't even bother to open my account to see how's it's doing and to add reviews. On site it says I have 99 reviews (which clearly is false) and 13 helpful votes. I got plenty of badges but that's now what this is about. I love traveling, but if this site will not treasure then, Good bye.


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