VS 7-10day/Sunglass Hut Cli

Yesterday, I got an increase in Sunglass Hut from $600 to $1000, $400 increase. And here I am looking at my Credit report today saying I have an inquiry from Synchrony Bank. Not worth it. Calling them right now about it. No warnings or anything, it's done through the robot machine. Not happy.
Victoria Secret gave me a 7-10 day message which sucks. This is my second request and probably second denial. I've been with them for more than a year and six months. Starting limit is $650 and stuck. I'm already an Angel Forever since this July this year. Pretty much using it frequently. Disappointed.
Got the denial 11/12/16 stating they can't increase due to income. When I requested I put $40,000. If that's not enough to go higher from $650 then Good Luck! 2nd denial from Victoria Secret.
I love reading people's experiences regarding credit account. Approvals, denials and credit limit increases. Here are opinions from people I found which I think describes 3 types of people that handles their credit:

Do not give in into temptation. Please help!


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