WAIT for Statement Balance-Better Credit Score

I've read before that the most you can make you credit score higher is to not make all your credit accounts Zero every statement balance. Now I'm not sure regarding loans and car payments since I know for a fact you NEED to pay those on time and in full (the amount monthly or whatever the contract is). But regarding credit cards, I learned that it's better to have some of you current accounts to have a balance and wait for the statement then pay for it. Rather than what I've been doing before, it's ALL zero before all the statement balances comes in. It hurt my score. And now that I know the technique, please do so. 
I have samples of three of my Credit Score (timeline). Bank of America (Transunion), Citi (Equifax) and Discover (Transunion) - All FICO.

Score - Date Reported By
Bank of America
As you can see, By October/November, My scores drop down pretty big. Almost 20 points in all. Most of the reason/explanation I'm given is Lack of balances, No loan information, No Rotating Credit whatsoever. Then I tried a different approach of waiting for my statement balance then pay it FULLY instead of paying it way before and not wait for them to report to the credit bureaus. I guess it helped. If I am correct, I think I let two of my credit cards report that I have a balance and three of them completely zero. Please don't make your credit balance more than 30% or this will hurt you rather than help you. If your balances are more than 30% close to statement balance, pay it off partly. Your credit limit should NOT exceed 30% of the credit limit when it's being reported to the Bureaus. Do NOT make it a point where ALL of it are ZERO. That's what happened to me before and I saw my scores either drop or not move for MONTHS.


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