2nd Refinancing - Hyundai Accent 2013

My mom refinanced my dad's car through Rate Genius. She said she didn't find it herself. Credit Karma recommended it to her and she likes it since everything is fast and online. I thought about other banks, comparing rates and the risk and gave into temptation yesterday and completed the application. Today, I got the Congratulatory email. I also almost applied for Lending Tree twice, but always stopped myself when it was asking me about social security number. Since I know that when I do that inquiry will be pulled on my report and on Credit Karma, reviews on Lending Tree is BAD. I talked to Anthony from Bank of America yesterday saying he has 15 years if experience but didn't finish it since their lowest term is 48 months and I prefer 36 months unless I pay more. I'm so relieved that I didn't hear that snob tone of his when said I won't go through so kudos to his customer service. He did tell me that after 30 days, the inquiry will be deleted. Not sure if he meant when you finished the application or when you're approved, nevertheless, Good Luck when applying!
I looked and read maybe at least five other lenders/banks. Like Capital one below, I was not prequalified even though they sent me letters many times almost every month about refinancing. And here I am declined even to apply after denial of prequalify. Thought they give me something good since they're my oldest account standing. Here are some of what I saw online of the lowest APR of each lender:

I really suggest using the calculators included if there is on site and read the fine prints. Be careful when filling up since sometimes it will say somewhere that your credit will be pulled with the smallest font.
Purchased my car March 2013. Refinanced with Xcel Federal Credit Union March 2014 for 72 months. Meaning. Last payment would've been March 2020. Hopefully if this all goes well, I chose 36 months with the last payment happening December 2019. It's only three month difference but the point of this Refinancing is to remove my mom's name in my car. 
14.24% to 8.8% to (I'll post when 100% done, sorry). 
Rick Reyes from Rate Genius called me this morning 0905 for about 13minutes regarding my choices. Easy to talk to and fast. He gave me a rate and lowered it down more but we still need approval.
Received the call 1032 saying approved and talked about the process about 10 minutes.
The blue paper above is my handwriting while listening to Rick explain the rates on different terms and he estimated it more than what I got on the email which is good. I calculated it all and I actually didn't save. I will pay about $655 more. But he said something about refund because of insurance blah blah and there's a $75 prepaid refinance fee with the new Credit Union that's why the APR is different on three terms.


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