ATT Online monthly Cost/Citi Email Credit Limit Confusion

I posted before regarding our monthly cost in Att will now be $234.92 before taxes. But yesterday I check, it was down to $209.92. So I know there's something wrong. I chat with Maria and of course it's a glitch said will be fixed asap. Today I checked again and it's even lower (first two photos). This is confusing. On the system, monthly fee for my phone and my mom's iPad is not included total of $56.50. False hope.

Another amazing false hope - Citi's email to me this morning. I got an approval in October about my limit increase. And this morning, I received this saying then information I already know. I went ahead and chat with one of their agents online and bottom line, this email is redundant.

I had to copy and paste the whole conversation to Microsoft Word since the window is so small I can barely read what he is saying.


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