Cactus Cantina @ Moreno Valley

As soon as you enter, you'll smell the great scent if their food. Place is nicely decorated with lots of plants as one of the designs. They're packed at around 1800 when we arrived but then easily seated. Of course chips (not so good) are expected while waiting but then I ordered appetizer. - Potato Skin. Mom got Steak Fajita, Dad ordered Shrimp Alfredo and Caesar Salad for myself with no meat. Mom did not like the salsa for the chips because of the spiciness but Dad is loving the chips and salsa. Will come back for food!
We love everything. For the food part. I'm not so impressed with the service. She's nice but not beyond expectations. My appetizer didn't arrive earlier than the meal but my salad did. And when our meal arrived, another BIGGER plate of salad is included with Toasts. Hmmm. It's a different person who delivered it and she said I already gave the salad and asked me if I want the toast. I said yeah. He later delivered the toast that was on the bigger plate. I wonder why is it even different, now it looks like my plate that we ate is just a 'side' size. Not such a good impression. Total with taxes $48.  Worth the price, my father even said something that it's cheap. We didn't order any drinks just water.
Service (1) - 0
Food (2) - 2
Price (1) - 1
Place (1) - 1
Final verdict is 4/5 from my own criteria.
Happy eating!


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