Christmas Gifts 2016

Thank You Parents. Thank You Lord. Please don't ever think I'm showing off, this is simply to document how blessed I am. I'm sorry of you think these are too much but I can't stop my parents buy me stuff since I've learned my lesson to let them if they want. I didn't ask for any of this since I know and happy with what I already have. Perks of being an only child is what you'll say and think of me as spoiled brat.
All of these gifts are amazing. I couldn't be any grateful. Backpack that has solar charger and waterproof too? Apple watch which I can talk and text and use as a activity tracker and so much more; clothes and accessories that are 'cute' and comfortable. Most of the time I think if I deserve all of this (not only these physical things but my life in general), and if I don't, still Thank you Lord. I hope and will do my best to continue the things I know is the right thing to do and make my loved ones especially my parents proud. Happy Holidays!
Apple Watch - Series 1, 38 mm
Birksun - Waterproof backpack with Solar CHARGER
Victoria Secret - Bralettes
Abercrombie & Fitch - Dress, Socks, Top, High Waist Pants
Diamond Conair - Hot Air Brushes


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