Closing my Sunglass Hut CC

I posted before how Synchrony Bank pulled a hard inquiry on my credit report without any warning whatsoever when I requested for my limit to be raised. I talked to someone in their department through cell phone and he said that he sent the removal letter. Unfortunately yesterday, I received a letter stating they can't delete the inquiry. Even though they clearly explained that they are aware of the no warning. Therefore, I decided to close this account effective immediately. I've been with this account more than a year and an inquiry on mg credit without me knowing is a deal breaker. You lost my trust. $1200 credit limit is not going to kill my ratio as of this time so loosing this account would hopefully simply delete the inquiry it made. I've got four account opened way before this account was opened, persuaded by the sales lady and mom when purchasing last year. So my credit history will not be ruined drastically.
I wish the Synchrony Bank, Sunglass hut Credit Card business truly the best.


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