Nothing like Cotton Candy (3rd Colored Hair)

Today's my third appointment with my colorist Sophiany and I chose the picture from Instagram feed and liked it figured why not give it a try. We started at 1300. Then after putting then lightening chemical, it took 45 minutes to be fully absorbed by my hair. It should've been 30 minutes but there are parts that wasn't lightened before. After washing then the coloring part. Processed it for 35 minutes then wash. It's done in about 4 hours. Not necessarily cotton candy looking, but you get the gist. After this, I'm going to go back every 12 weeks not not for the coloring part but for my haircut. I don't really have a style that I'd like to keep, but I'm too lazy to style so regular haircut will help me.
So she asked me where my parting is, I said left since that's where it usually is. Then she asked to the left? I said yes. I was wrong. It should've been to to the right of your parting is on the left. My bad. Now I know. Forgive me for being so ignorant on cosmetology.
Before look:


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