Don't feel bad for the blessings you have

Last Friday, I worked at my other job during the weekends. Most of them already know my life story but some are fairly new. Of course as anyone who's learning other people's lives, they tend or we, to judge or give opinions as what we hear. Growing up, I learned to be grateful at everything I have. I saw how my parents worked hard, sacrifice their time with me and work to give me great life. As early as I thought, I said NO multiple times to their offers to buy me things. I saw how this hurt them. That I'm saying No when they want to buy me something. My best friend told me, don't say No. Well the reason I'm declining their offers is to keep that money and use it to something else rather than me. I was wrong. I listened to my best friend saying it makes them happy to get me something. As any sane parents, I guess that comes naturally. To make your children lives better. And I will forever appreciate that. As of this time, I've been posting multiple stuff here on my blog on most of them say from my mom which I didn't ask. Still, Thank you parents.

Back to work place: Two people found out I was an only child and that I live with my parents. One says, so you're a spoiled brat. On the inside I cringe, on the outside I shook my head implying No I'm not. Not even a second when she said that, my other coworker who I consider a friend said to her, No she's Not! I'm so happy to hear that from her :) From working with that friend for over a year, she know me by know and even defended me. Thank you!
I've lived my life thinking mostly everyone that I'm spoiled because I'm an only child, stereotype. That's not my fault and I really don't give a damn since I know who I am. I don't take things for granted, hopefully if I do I realize it sooner. I love to spoil others though, my parents, boyfriend and probably my children in yearS from now future.

Second coworker, while working is listening to our conversations. She realized that I've been doing these activities that are not cheap (e.g skydiving, Jet pack, flying a plane, etc.) and that zi live with my parents. She omitted, so that's why you've been doing these things. And she said that teasingly like I don't have responsibilities like most people does. I admit. I'm fortunate that my parents does not kick me out even of they can and I can live by myself. I did a last year and  I was okay. But of course they miss me as I miss them. Next time I will move out, is when my boyfriend decides to be with me.
Back to my second coworker's snobby comment, I felt bad afterwards. Because most people that I ask if they want to do the things I'm doing is can't say yes right away due to budget. I only pay for my car and credit cards. At that point I thought to myself, how can I help my parents with bills? They won't let me pay for rent and food, so I figured phone bill is a good thing. Two days later after thinking the thought of people thinking like that of me, I asked my mom with my father listening that I will takeover our phone bill asap. I told them to save up the money for phone bill for their house in future. I will takeover the total bill ~$300. Three of us share Data plus 2 Ipads (mom and mine). Just a trivia, that Ipad of mine is a requirement in school, if it wasn't I wouldn't have it back on 2013. I got to defend myself because I know people will say, I have too much.

After my parents' treatment and our lunch, we went home and as soon as we arrived, I set up an auto pay that will be deducted on my account every month. When I finished setting it up, I calculated my expenses and guess what, I was short on my budget. Nothing major though since I save more than I spend. That short will be even in February, hopefully nothing unexpected happens.
Before, or bill was $264.92 without taxes and sh't. Most of the time from the history, more or less $300. I called Att this Tuesday and talked to Dave for 30 minutes. I closed my Ipad Data $10 month and he offered to switched our 10GB to 6GB Shared monthly. From $80 to $60. He also offered a $5 off to my mom's ipad but I guess he forgot about it. So all in all I saved $30 every month. This little help for my parents is nothing. I know this is me being guilty for being too fortunate but as my title says, don't feel bad for the blessing you have. Be grateful. Share and never compare. Happy 1st day of December ! Enjoy the last month of 2016 :)


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