Noodle 21 @ Redlands

First time I tasted Chicken Pho. I got the chicken and had to add a sauce to make the taste good? Or that's what my friends told me how I should eat it. Broth is fine, not a fan of noodles though. I also ordered their combination Fried Rice and it's the bomb. I might remember this place just because of this. Redlands, California.
I spent 20 bucks including taxes for these two meals. Service is okay, fast but not that alert. My friend needs water and he keeps on looking so they can sense but it looks like they were ignoring us on purpose? Anyway, not a big deal. Place is small and crowded.
Service (1) - .5
Food (2) - 1
Price (1) - 1
Place (1) - 1
Final Verdict is 3.5/5 from my own criteria.
Happy Eating!


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