Proud to be Practical

Since I've been posting how cheap I am or how my mom is luxurious most of the time, I want to write something about myself that I'm not ashamed of ever. It's being practical. Sure call me cheap of whatever I don't care. Well sometimes I do and it gets in my head but I can't change who I am. All I can do is learn from mistakes. I do believe that quality exceeds quantity. And I also believe that if something does the same thing and purpose, go for the better deal. It's not even about money, it's about being resourceful of what you have.

Last year, I completely realized that I love doing activities that some might say extreme. Hence the title of my blog 'The Brown Daredevil'. While I was working in Missouri, the Go Pro trend started. Or got more popular. I don't really know since I don't like mainstream things but I got interested on it more becuse of my 'hobbies'. I first saw one March 2015 when I did tandem sjydiving in Tennessee and the guy behind me use a wrist housing camera that holds the go pro. I started researching about it and months later, I didn't buy it. LOL. Instead, I bought my Htc Re that I still extremely love. No need for cases, etc. yet waterproof and oerfect for everyday shots. And the angle is wide as well. Even at night you still get to see around you and I just love it. I got it from Best buy and now it's gotten pretty cheap.
Fast forward to last month when I got the go signal from doctor saying I can work out again. From then on, I've been planning activities on my unsual off days. I was hoping to do the Hang Gliding Solo, where they teach you and you get to fly on a beach. But if I do that, I will have no one to accompany me and no one to record my activtity. They don't have those video package and I figured I won't do it if I don't have any proof. So I thought the wrist housing from my skydiving experience will be perfect. But then, I don't want to buy go pro because budget issues. Last week, I posted the incident on Amazon where I purchased something and it got cheaper the next day. I cancelled it completely because I decided not to do the Hang Gliding alone and I was irritated by the cheaper part and Amazon can't fix the prices like that.

The next day of my cancellation, I saw an email from amazon about the Black Friday deals. I was working that day in saw the cheap bran camera simila ro go pro. Well cheaper than my previous our purchased that I cancelled. First one was with camera and wrist housing and total proce with tax was $160. This second purchase that arrived at my house today since I got an alert, $61.92 including taxes. Below is a photo of the four products that I bought. Includes:
Add that up 60.56 + 1.36 for tax (free shipping). I saved almost $100 with four products instead of only two. That's bargaining if you ask me. Of course it's a risk of how the quality of the camera is. But as long as it's going to record me and my surroundings, with the wrist housing that I can use to record while using both of my hands, I'm sold. I got the floater for my Htc Re, so that when I go jump a cliff or something and it falls somewhere unexpectedly, I'd still see it. And if you think I have too much camera, oh well, I can say I have or want to have too much actions going on in my life. And I want to be able to look back into it. As one of my friend told me, I'm not cheap, I'm sensible :)


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