White big Coat A&F/Feeling Guilty

Mom got this from Victoria Gardens and not sure how much discount she got. Tag says $160 and I feel guilty since I didn't ask for any of these. I say these since I realized going through my blog yesterday that I have so much shit. I'm not complaining whatsoever but I feel it's too much and just plain guilty. A&F.

I recently wrote about don't feel bad about your blessings. But now I'm thinking if I should say something to my mom in a serious way saying limit herself for shopping to me. Meaning, Not let her buy stuff that's for me. I do 100% appreciate all my life for the things she got me and will get but I feel not so okay having too much of things. I don't want to hurt her feelings in any way but at the same time, I don't want to keep making a straight face then say Thank You when she buys stuff that I didn't need or ask.


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