Chili's @ Banning/Walmart Goodies

Awesome Sirloin! I ordered the Classic 6 oz with Fries and Mac and Cheese. Mac cheese was okay but I didn't like because of the JalapeƱos, not a fan of spicy. Although fries was freshly made and again, sirloin - soft and juicy. Got it Medium Well. Service is fast and sweet. We waited about 15 minutes to be seated since it was dinner time and the first year of 2017, understandable without a reservation. We were seated at the two people table which is small but a smart way to have more people. I tasted my friend's ribs and it's good too! This is my first time eating at Chili's so it's a good impression.
Food (2) - 2
Service (1) - 1
Place (1) - 1
Price (1) - 1

Walmart goodies all for about $31 including tax. Ozaka Trail 14-in-1 tool because why not, cable organizer which is a good thing for a little oc like me and it's cute colors, a charger for a gameboy that my father got somewhere but does not work and a photo album which will arrive soon. I paid $1-2 because I have a $30 gift card from my work 


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