Things I Learned (12) - Acceptance is Key

  1. Not everyone can be your friend.
  2. If they are soft, don't be hard on them. If they need help, do not help them without asking. They will find that insulting since some thinks they are perfect.
  3. Some people will fight the enemies of a friend.
  4. Know when to fight, and when to not meddle. Know your own battles.
  5. Learn how to let it go. How to let people go, Your 'friends' that's not getting you at all? Let them go. Don't waste time for people who does not understand you.
  6. Do not spoil too much. Most people are abusive financially, physically and emotionally. If you let them borrow something, make sure it's clear they have to return it back.
  7. It's okay to be nice, just not too nice. Know your limit.
  8. There is no such thing as ONE true friend. Everyone has their own loyalty to another one. you just have to know which one to believe.
  1. Do not expect everything.
  2. Have respect on the things that make them happy.
  3. Just because you don't like something, don't make them not like it.
  4. It's always give and take.
  5. Learn when to stop being angry. Know when to pursue an argument.
  6. No one can give you the perfect advice except yourself.
  7. Understand that you are not their world, yet they want to be with you in it.
  8. Give space. For your partner and for yourself.
  9. Learn to live alone and enjoy it so you really appreciate your partner's presence and not just lonely.
  10. It should always be love over hate.
  1. If you feel something will not be right, most likely you are correct. Instinct is powerful.
  2. Accept it. If your special someone (friend, family, partner, whoever) wants to punish you for something that you've done, don't negotiate. Especially if you know your doing is wrong.
  3. Know the limit though. Don't be "I deserve all of this blah blah" and you will bad about yourself? Stop it. Take it, Learn from it then move on. Remember, it's how you see something and another thing to educate yourself from it. Keep positive thoughts or at least realistic thoughts after it happened.
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