Walmart Tire Dept @ Moreno Valley

Yelp review:
This is for the TIRE DEPARTMENT. I got there around 0715, was THIRD in place. All I need is to get ONE tire fixed. I gave them the keys but the amazing Daniel forgot to ask me for any paperworks. I assumed it's fine since I have a HISTORY at walmart, they got my name, number info etc. then after mass I went there about 10am. Saying they didn't do anything because no paperwors was made. DANIEL said he takes FULL BLAME. I said okay, I'll wait. And now at 11am, he's telling me it's going to be another HOUR because I LOST MY PLACE for not doing the papers. When I reminded him, you just told me you took FULL BLAME and now I'm at the last place? He even told me 'well technically it's your fault". Way to turn things around for that customer service of yours. Other pointer is that they got more than TWO HOURS to call me and say hey we don't have your signature can you please come back so we start to fix your vehicle asap. NOPE. If I had comeback later then they'll just say nothing.
I demanded to ask for a supervisor and got an asst Manager Jessica. As expected, didn't really help but 'checked' outside and told me that they can't put me in before the people in current line.
WTH. That's the whole point of getting up at 7am and going straight there to get it done quick. And because YOUR people don't know what should've been done like the paperwork I'm the one to suffer? Get it together.
Another thing I heard is that a car of one man, his car got the WRONG TIRE. It's should've been for a Honda not a Chevy of some sort. like, HOW??? I'm surprised that man kept it together because he's been there longer than me I bet.

The only reason I put another star is from my previous service with Andrew, who I feel like the only one that knows the job and does it well.

So I just called my father 1215, and they can't fix it due to Running Flat Tire. IF THEY LOOKED AT THAT THIS MORNING WHEN WE ARRIVED, all this fiasco could've been prevented. If amazing Daniel looked at the vehicles' information and realize that, hell we don't fix Rft when we first arrived at 0715, then done. Everyone can go there separate ways. I give a sarcastic applause. Well done. What a waste of time.


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