Amex Platinum CC Offer/Discover Prequalified Loan Denial

American Express emailed me this offer last week about the Platinum Credit Card. It's nice to look at and have but I'm not going to pay $450 as an annual fee for it. We'll never know in the future though since it has an amazing cash back style of 5X on flights. I might actually consider this in the future due to going back in forth in the Philippines. Plus those extra credit like $200 Airline fee such as Wi-Fi payment, extra baggage fee's, etc. Nevertheless, not yet. I've been with Amex for 4 months. Thanks though!

I've been with Discover almost 19 months now with my Discover It Credit Card. Last month or two ago, I received a mail offer from them saying I'm prequalified to apply for a loan up to $35,000. I was not planning back then but since I'm trying to help my parents buying a house and getting loan might come handy, I applied last Friday. Nope, denied. What sucks is browser got an error and I didn't get a copy of that denial statement but I got a glimpse of credit score 739. I tried messaging them through the secured message center but was told to give the loan department a call if I want a copy of that denial statement. I guess my recent auto refinancing affected my score from the past month or so.
Oh well, not everything in life will go your way. So I tried SoFi referred by Credit Karma and as of this time, my application from last Friday is still being reviewed.


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