Chili's @ Fir Avenue

Chili's in Fir Ave, Moreno Valley. I love the 6 o.z sirloin medium well as always for me. Soft and cooked enough for my taste. Texas Cheese Fries are amazing, especially when fresh. It doesn't matter it it's hot, you're just going to put it in your mouth. Not a fan of the Mashed Potato beside my Steak - Plain and not tasteful. Cajun Shrimp Pasta was good too, my father said the garlic bread was great. Mom finished her salad with avocado steak (same as mine) but the avocado were so small and only five pieces total - not worth it I guess? I didn't get the chance to taste the desert so can't comment on that. Will come back for some food but some of it needs major improvement.
Food (2) - 1
Service (1) - 1/2
Place (1) - 1
Price (1) - 1
Total 3.5/5. I put three stars on yelp since my parents and I rely on food most of the time and I just feel that some is not star worthy.

Happy belated Valentine's Day! I got this from my coworkers which is so sweet of them so Thank you Liz and Erika! What a feeling of love even if my boyfriend is far away. That just proves hearts day is not only for couples but for friends, family and loving yourself :)


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