Denny's @ Banning / The Station Tap House

Denny's @ Banning. Pretty good. My T-bone steak is way softer than the one in Wildomar. Got in my usual medium well and I also tasted the Blueberry Bites that are so good! Eat it fast while a bit hot since it's the best condition and just amazing. Hash browns and my eggs are great. No complains. Will come back since it's the closest to the The Station Tap House that's open 24 hours.

The Station Tap House Bar and Grill in Banning-  Previously the Paddy's. Great improvement! Especially decoration wise. Brighter yet dark enough for a bar. Love that they have live banda once in a while. We ordered are second nachos and around 2200, chef said no more. Not only that but all 'food' that they have. That kind of sucks since I myself like to munch when I drink. I drank my usual Corona but they don't have my friends' Angry Orchard and Malibu. But the bartender made a special drink for then which we all enjoyed. Thumbs up!


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