Denny's @ Wildomar / Elegants Nails Spa

After our Indoor Rock Climbing, we were hungry. I mean it's also dinner time so we need to eat, lol.
When we arrived, there was plenty of people and all seating on the same lane, all booth. My friends and I sat but they figured to change tables since we don't want to be in the middle of other group that's waiting and talking when half of the place is wide open and clean. I picked our utensils up and moved across and sit and asked when the hostess walked by if that's okay. She said yes so no worries.
Our server was kind of walking too fast, I understand that but if you are going to ask us if you need anything, stop by for a second for us to answer. My friend's eggs were too oily she said and mine steak was a bit too hard for a medium well. We might go back if we are craving because it's near the Rock Fitness gym but we're not going to go back for the sake of it.
Food (2) - 1
Service (1) - .5
Place (1) - 1
Price (1) - 1
Total of 3.5/5.

Elegant Nails Spa (February 7):
$8 for my Eyebrow Wax
We got here 1700 and nobody's there so  we never get to wait. I do agree with their name of "Elegance" since the surroundings feels like so. As always, the worker who did wax my eyebrows asked if I want it to be thin or thick and I said medium. I liked it but then again you can't accept my judgement since I have no idea about shaping of brows.
Judge for yourself :)


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