Imperfections are Not a Big Deal

Disgusting Photos Below.
Well, since I always say I love dares, here I am daring myself to post pictures of my disgusting self.
You were warned - Hairy, Full of Acne and Plain nasty.
Basic purpose of this post, It's completely fine. There is nothing wrong for a woman to be so hairy and full of acne. You can't make me or anybody feel bad because of what we have. Don't you dare try to tell us that we are not doing anything to be better because that truth is we are not worse. Yeah sure society tells you what beauty standards is nowadays. I say that's full of freaking crap. I myself eat healthy-ish, Work out an hour at least twice a week and work two jobs. So please don't tell I'm a lazy one.
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I already finished my acne treatment last year. November 2015 to March 2016. It was out when I turned 18 in 2012-2013. But then again with stress I think, Adult Acne came in. Now when I'm about to get my period or already in one, I still get 10-20 pimples on my face. So yes, no matter what I put or do, it will still show up. I clean my face everyday, wear moisturizer and primer before make up. I need make up, because again acne. Yes, I read those non-comedogenic products for my face/skin. ProActiv, Neutrogena, XOut, Eskinol, Maxi Peel, Simple Soap, Branded Soaps, Chinese products, Don't what this and that, and others that I already forgot about.

After my face treatment, my back was not getting any better. I did not have these thousands of pimples when I was a kid. When I moved here to America in 2012, it started showing up. It didn't really bother me until 2014 when I went back home to Philippines, my relatives are like what is that on your back (I know they are disgusted so I have to do something) and they're just keloids. Hard headed can't do anything about it. I put Clindamycin every time after shower and St. Ives scrub while in the shower. I really don't see any changes. Went to my dermatologist twice for injections. Damn, that hurt. Especially if it was done on the little ones on my chest. I sacrificed many times. I got to do what I got to do and here I am still have my imperfections. See those white marks on my back? That's just side effects as well as the hollowness of it. Next possible 'solution' is under the knife or lasers.
I also did the hair removal treatment in the Philippines which almost cost $500. Nothing. Well, there's like one 1/4 of an inch that has less hair, but my armpit still has lots of hair. I tried shaving, waxing and my current doing is Nair where you put a cream and wait it out. The Cream will burn the hair so you can wipe the hair of. Of course, It's still not silky smooth because that's just my skin. Chicken Skin as what people call it. I usually do the Nair every two weeks since if the hairs are too short, it won't even remove it. And if you wait too long, your skin will burn. So yes - Effort.
My Pilonidal cyst on my lower back is not even here. I got in surgically done so MANY times and it's tiring. Best part, that's how it is - it won't go away.

I didn't post this so you will feel bad for me. Please don't. I love myself and my body. I'm still continuing to heal my back even if it feels like nothing is changing. I still wear sleeveless even if my hair is showing on my armpits. I have a mustache that most of the time I don't care to shave.
I posted this to say it's okay. It's beautiful. Life is beautiful. Imperfections are beautiful but it starts within you. For those that say you suck because you have imperfections, please leave them. You deserve so much better. You deserve a real human being. If there are no imperfections and all is perfect, doesn't that make it imperfect? Accept who and what you are. Do something if you are unhappy. Stop complaining for the problems that has answers. Be better if possible and do it one step at a time. Ask for help but in the end, it should be mind over matter. Help yourself. Love yourself.


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