Life is full of disappointments - Denials after Approvals

Well, as my Series of Unfortunate Events of My Life Post - Look Away. My parents loan did not go through and my boyfriend got denied just right now for the second time applying for tourist visa. Let's start with the first thing. Banks that approved before hand but denied the real necessary loan (there's other two but I don't know the name of the lender):
My denial experiences:
Discover Loan - Prequalify Denial
Social Fiance (SoFi) - After 5 days of waiting, Denied on February 9th.

My mom has enough income to get the loan. But, because she's not a full time because she's a nurse, they won't include her two jobs but only one. What sucks is the agents know the situation before hand that she's not full time but has two jobs yet went through all the stress and even added me so imagine how many pulls my mom's credit went through. But then again, can't blame because every bank or lenders has almost the same rules. And my mom that has credit card debts thinks it does not affect, it did.

Now about the love of my life being denied; Of course he was not approved before hand but you get the denial part. He put so much effort into practicing and even told me the interview was good. But, being young and unmarried man - Denied. Oh well.
Don't know what to put anymore expect, we just have to move on :)
Not everything in life will be in your way. I'm just proud of how my parents are calm and accepting that we are not going to get the house they want (again) and my love keep saying "I'm fine" in the tone of Ross in Friends. You get the gist when you're a fan of the Tv Show. I will still be forever Grateful for Everything and feel blessed everyday.
Thank you for this life. Happy Sunday night (at least in California USA)!


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