Menchies Frozen Yogurt/ China One Resturant

Menchies Frozen Yogurt in Moreno Valley. Cute and small space. Around 5 machines that has 2 each and the third is the combination of the both. But of course you can still mix it however you want. The nice lady who served is alert on what to do and I think she is glad to help so good to know. Will come back since this is the closest frozen yogurt to me.
I got the Hershey's and something mixed.
China One Restaurant in Moreno Valley. They are fast! and Cheap. I ordered the House Fried Rice and Corn Soup and got my order not even 5 minutes since I paid. My parents love the Corn Soup and I will always be eating their House Fried Rice.
I apologize if I have no pictures since we are excited to eat the fresh and yummy food from this restaurant.


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