Pomona Valley Mining Co

Amazing place. For a date or any event you can think of. You have to call days before though to make a reservation and probably a month in advance if it's for an event. Service is excellent, beyond excellent. They ask every 30 minutes or more if we want champagne, water, etc. Place is magnificent. The view and how they prepare the food feels so good in the eyes. It's kind of odd that the breakfast or salad part is on the other side where you need to cross the reception area that is most of the time full of people but it's not even a slight of a deal breaker. I don't see one bit of disappointment of this place of the many people we ate with. Will definitely comeback. 4.75/5!
Service (1) - 1
Food (2) - 2
Place (1) - 1
Price (1) - 0.75

I'm want to show my mascara's powers. Well, for the eyes. It's the Maybelline Falsies in Brownish Black.


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