Rock Fitness @ Wildomar

$5 on Tuesdays - Ladies Night including climb and gear rentals. Third time climbing all my life; Second time indoor climbing so I know the gist. When it's your first time, they make you sign this disclosure and get you into a group for a quick orientation about what to do and what not. 
Pretty packed because of that good deal so arrive early afternoon than evening or else you'll be waiting for each spot rather than climb again and again. You got to be prepared of how BAD the smell of the shoes are. Gym itself has a court for basketball or volleyball, two or three studios for classes like spinning, yoga, etc, weights, balancing ropes, jumping square (don't know how it's called), bit of cross training and the rock climbing. We will always come back here if we crave for some climbing because of the best deal compare to others that includes gear. And, not only the rock climb but you also have access to the whole gym.


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