Skydiving Ootd / Subway @ Eucalyptus Ave

Did my second Tandem Skydiving in Oceanside. Wear gloves! I don't know why I didn't learn on my first time. Probably because it was on Tennessee and I'm in California now.
Shoes - Keds
Watch - Gshock
Left Wrist - Fossil Q
Top - Tilly's
Cap - Muji
Shorts - Old Navy
Jacket - Wilson Leather

Subway in Moreno Valley. Fast since there's no people in the afternoon on a weekday. 
Soup is manageable, will taste good if you need asap but I kind of 50/50 about it. Their flatbread which is my usual with ham, eggs and spinach - Thumbs up since it's the same taste as always. Will come back if we are craving for subs since it's close to us 4/5.


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