Tandem Skydiving Oceanside, CA

My second tandem Skydiving and definitely not the last. I'm planning to do the AFF in the future though so it'll be something different. My friend that I'm supposed to go with purchased a deal on Groupon where you pay $45 for a value of $100.  Tricky part is on the the Go Jump website, weekday specify $189. But when I checked in, I paid $99 total of $199 meaning they didn't honor the website rate. I didn't bother to ask about it since I already got a deal on groupon. Still, it's nice to do what you offered. Ootd.

My partner in Tandem, Paul was amazing and fun. I did this before so I know the gist but the people in the group made it memorable. Anwar, my outside photo and videographer was great as well. She told me to hold her feet if I can (like the thumbnail on my video) and release it when she shakes it.

There are many options regarding the photo video package and I picked the Outside Photo And Video for $130. Can't say it's worth it since I have my own camera that I can attached to my wrist and use but of course they won't let that (they say after 200th jump) to have the customers pay for the footage. I wished the angle of the camera sees the bottom part a bit more compare to all sky throughout that you don't see how high it is from the ground.
Compare to my first jump, as Paul say, this is fancier. Quality of the video and the view maybe? It is 1000 ft lower though unlike 14,000 ft in Tennessee. But this one has more spinning because of the wind. Oh, wear gloves. I don't know why I completely forgot about that part since I can't feel my hands on my first one even though I wore thick gloves. Probably because that was in the South at March  and I'm in California thinking it's warmer. Though, It's manageable.
My appointment was at 1000 and they asked to come 15 minutes prior to sign some paperwork. I love the souvenirs afterwards with the cutest book about skydiving and stickers that I put on my laptop and car. Big applause that you let my friend reschedule last minute (2 hours before to be exact). Most companies charge a fee for that but you didn't (hopefully you don't ever and not just because I myself went through the jump). But still, Thank You!
Definitely recommended, love the experience :)

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