Things happen to fill the void

I did my 2nd Tandem Skydiving today and will post about that tomorrow. For now, I want to share stories about things that happen is to fill void. Well at least most of the time. Maybe you're just lucky but you don't have any void so you get more or something.
Originally, there's supposed to be three of us today. One said her mom is in the hospital so that's a real excuse, and the other said her sister is not feeling good about the jump. Now I'm kind of confused since she's the one that scheduled it and even chose the time. I was planning to do it on weekend (Sunday) since I work full time on weekdays. I said yes to her so I was half day today on my job. I have no problem going on my own but my parents have so my mom came with me, just on the drive. She didn't go jump of course. Even she was from shift last night. Thanks Mom :)
Back to See, hi See! My mom said why didn't your sister know beforehand so that she could've said something way earlier than this morning. Oh yes, our appointment was 1000, she told me she's cancelling at 0700. Anyway, I hope she forgives me if I don't come with her when she does it since I can't do another half day. I need to be on the good side of my supervisors :)

Next one, I'd say many plans that never went through. It can be leisure, financial or whatever. For example, many time my plans on canyoneering was cancelled twice or thrice. That's for two different mountains. I either go to work or rest. I know, I'm too crazy to go to work but the better choice is to just rest and enjoy my day. Spend time with my parents watching something. Relax and just be lazy. Because I don't do that most of the time.
Then me being angry at my friends. In the Philippines. They are my most true friends. I fight with them and judge what they're doing. I always compare them ti me that I always say yes and them, that they keep saying No to every hang out of the group. I didn't act as a friend before hand and ask what is really going on instead I scold them for being a friend who doesn't care. But in reality, I was the one that didn't care that much to ask why. I'm sorry guys. I really hope you forgive me.

Also, my boyfriend getting denied for the second time for a tourist visa. As we keep telling ourselves, maybe it's a way for us to learn, especially him to have patience. To not rush anything. That not everything is a piece of cake and not all the time you have control on your fate.
My parents getting denied on the house. My father said to my mom, well that's good, at least you don't need to pay $2000-3000 a month for the house. Meaning, he is looking at the bright side ofnwhat happened.

Sorry for the nonsense post but I also want to share that my baby (Hyundai Accent Hatchback 2013) has reached 60,000 miles! Prices went up - $3.00. His birthday is next month turning 4 years old. Yes, he's a he.
  1. So I got around $150 bonus at work, and I'm going to pay $200 for my baby's check up.
  2. I got a GAP Refund from my original lender $277, I paid that to my tax due of $310. Again not enough.
  3. When I signed up for the Bank of America Trave Visa Rewards Credit Card, I received a $200 credit if I spent enough. Unfortunately, it's a point system and will only Credit travel expenses. Surprisingly, gas is not travel expense as well as other things. So the only one they allowed is my parasailing in Catalina Islamd for $178. But then again, that's not going to go on my savings but on my current Tandem Skydiving Jump of $280 (inducing photo and video package bt excludes tips).
Just know that whatever happens, cancels, or is changed, it has a reason. Too cliche of everything happens for a reason right. But the more I age, the more I believe that phrase and just think it's all in good hands.


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