Bailey Canyoneering

Car to Car almost 0900 - 1720. Not bad since I was told it might be 10-12 hours but we finished it before 8 1/2. We could've finished it maybe in less than 8 hours since two of our company quit during the hike up. - Ootd
Links to help me further explain the trip:


We did about 10-15 rappels, I don't even remember so I apologize. The hardest in my opinion is the hike up, and one rappel down which was really exciting and scary. Bring snacks, sweets I recommend for more energy. First Aid since once of our companion slid and hurt her hand. Nothing major but needed alcohol and bandages. She had new shoes that's why. So always be comfortable on your shoes! Take it slow when starting to go down and work your way up (not literally but metaphorically since you are going down).

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