Better Be Donuts / Riverside Hyundai

I love their donuts! Soft and fresh, addicting especially if you are hungry. My mom ate four the next day since we had dinner the night before when we bought it (then both of us ate one). That's how good it is. Place is petite (I really don't see the point of having a large place to buy donuts) yet comfortable to hang out in. Will come back since it's closest to us. - Yelp Review here and Location.

Riverside Hyundai - February 24th.
Did my every 5000 miles check up (15k maintenance service instead of the 60k one due to the cost). First things first the price for either service went up for about $3.00. I made the appointment the day before. Second, I was late for my appointment but still got in. Lastly, Leo told me it would be 2-2.5 hours but was finished 1-1.5 hours! Amazing. Only thing is that they recommended to change my drive belt. With them it's $190, bought it through my friend for less than $20 and my father change it. Dot he math to know how much I saved :)
Still, great service as always!


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