Daya @ House of Blues / Garden Walk

Ticketmaster says it will start at 1830, it didn't. When we arrived there, we were told that's when the door opens. And of course it was 15 minutes late so they opened it quarter to 1900. I didn't know the front singer. She was okay I guess and she enjoys doing her thing. She started at 1900. Had a drummer which was amazing and she's the one I'm watching the whole time the front singer did her thing. After 30 minutes, done.
You'd think it's 15 minutes wait? Nope, more than 30 minutes. Daya had a drummer, keys and bass. They were good. Good thing I watched her this time because I might not do it again in the future. Don't get me wrong, I like her, but not crazy about everything.
It's a standing admission concert. Which I don't understand why since I'd rather pay to sit than to stand more than 2 hours with drunk people slamming me. Food is pricey but expected since all concert events are. Good temperature when inside even when you are dancing. I just wish they ALWAYS use the SEATING upstairs since I'm willing to pay more and be comfortable when watching the concert I drove for. - House of Blues, Anaheim.

Garden Walk at Anaheim is such a nice place to hang out. I'd love to try the Escape room next time. I really enjoy the art works all throughout the street. It's not the same as a regular mall for you to shop around, but it's a cozy surroundings to look at. Plenty of restaurants and small boutiques to wait like me for the concert in House of Blues starts.


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