Johnny Rockets / Joe's Italian

Johnny Rocket in Garden Walk, Anaheim. Burgers are good. I didn't fully enjoyed it since I don't eat mushrooms and onions but I know it's good since I tried one bite and that's enough for me to know to like food. Maybe next time I'll order the basic burger since this order is my mom's. I got the Garden Salad which is basic. I asked for a Ranch dressing but got a mustard. I'm not sure if I was misheard but everybody makes mistakes. My mom enjoyed her shake so I guess it's amazing. The place is quite petite but it's enough for the crowd and you pay upfront when you order. I like the decorations, pretty cool and old school. Forgive me since this is my first time at this restaurant. Three orders and we pay less than 20 dollars.

Joe's Italian Restaurant in Moreno Valley. Great place to eat for groups since their serving is 2-3 people. Or maybe my parents and I are just small eaters? Still, cute surroundings to hang out. I like the spaghetti and my pizza which are both good for second day leftovers as well. Salmon is extremely soft, and soup is a bit delicious. Yes little bit since I'm not sure if I 100% love it. Not sure about the other food but the only disappointment I can say it the steak. It was medium well and when we ate it, a little too hard. When we got home my father cooked it again to make it softer with soy sauce and that's how it became okay. My mom loved her strawberry margarita. All in all, good restaurant.


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