Mong Kok Cafe @ Riverside

I will not be returning here. Popcorn chicken is okay, good as an appetizer. I did not taste the calamari so I would not know. Their famous shabu-shabu soup is alright but my father can cook better. Their steak is mediocre and the salad plus the dressing is BAD. To make it worse, their service is not even worth mentioning. My friend was asking multiple times for spoon and forks but always forgot or ignored? When we are paying, my friend added a drink and the cashier made a face of 'why add I already finished the transaction' so my friend said I can wait and I'll pay if you need more cash. She's like NO, I got to do this first; with the worst attitude.
Service (1) - .25
Food (2) - 1
Place (1) - .5
Price (1) - 1
Please find a better restaurant. 2.75/5


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