Walker Canyon

Amazing Hike. We started it almost 1100 and was back at the car 2 hours later. Parking is hectic but totally worth it. When you get here late, you will park longer - common sense; but to scare you more, there is a cop saying don't park here and there due to traffic and way to the interstate.
Don't wear thick clothes since you won't need it. But have an extra thin one just in case the sun wanted to hide for a bit. It happened to us, at first we were getting warm going up. But when we were high enough, sun decided to hide and plus elevation - cool breeze. Beautiful. - Ootd
If you are worried about bugs then I really don't see the point of you going outside. There's not a lot when we went up. I'm really glad mom found this place and as far as I heard, they closed this one down since people are destroying the flowers by stepping on them. Think about though, this kind of view does not exist all the time. It only happens when this par of So Cal received a lot of rain. For them to close it is like not letting people enjoy the beauty of nature. Oh well, if it's the city's place then they have the right to close it. Still, no matter if there are no flowers that bloomed here, I liked the hike.

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