Zoomline @ Slotzilla

$40 for Zoom line before 1700; then it's $45. I got it on their office but you can also get it online if you prefer. $20-$25 for the one sitting down that they call Zip-line and only halfway of the whole street.. They don't offer the video package for $60 before that as well so I'm sorry if I don't have any video, only photos. I purchased the get it all digitally for $40 than have one or two printed which I think is not worth it compare to having it all. This is located in Fremont Street.
My ticket was for 1620. Waited an hour before completely 'flying' - so short. About 30 minutes before going up - gearing up and waiting. Then another wait up there where you see people wait before going out. If you're afraid of heights, I still recommend this since it's not that high and you're going to enjoy it once you're out. But I'm looking for more thrill I guess.

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