Scuba Diving with the Sharks

Sharks? Beautiful. Kids and Adults waving at us while we're inside? Priceless.
Schedule before hand. I did it online with my card so everything went smoothly. If you easily panic, please try not to. Or else You'd be going up not even a minute down and just waste your money. This is not easy.

Now that the bad part's gone, hell yeah this is thrilling. Not only with the thought of drowning but getting eaten by sharks around you? This is adrenaline. My companion even told me he was planning to go up half through but good thing he didn't and we finished it together. What an achievement.
If you have cold or cough, you should be fine since I was sick this whole time and had no problems since you can cough through it. What I was nervous about is regarding my eyes. Water in my eyes. Growing up even tough I know how to float but not necessarily professional swimming, I'm one of those who cannot open their eyes underwater. But I did not let that stop me and just enjoy this whole idea of mine.

Popeye are instructor was great and patient. I, the rebel that I am was trying to swim when he said at the practice, don't. Do not kick like swimming even with your hands. I can't stop it of course because when you're inside thinking if you can breathe in water, those rules will be forgotten. Sorry :)
More Questions? Go Here.
Price: 6,600 Baht = Almost $200.
I apologize but I don't remember how much was the photo/video that we took.


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